Thursday, July 24, 2014

Check out my Poshmark Closet

Hey Guys sorry Ive been M.I.A for a while now I think my last post was back in August almost a year ago, but hey good to be back. I wanted to write this quick post about my Poshmark Closet. For those of you who already know about Poshmark you know exactly what it is about, but I know some of you don't. So here's a quick overview about what it is. Poshmark is a site where all Fashionista's come together and can sell their stuff. Its a community that we can all come together to talk about fashion and other stuff.

I started Poshmark about a year ago but never fully committed to it. But since being at home with my kids this summer I decided to get more involved and putting some of my own items up on my Closet. From tops to Sandals to anything you can possible have in your closet to make room for new stuff you  sell on Poshmark. So go ahead and take a look its pretty amazing. 

If you want to know a little more about it just comment below and I'll be happy to answer any questions. In the meantime go ahead and check out my Closet. @beautyboxx 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Im Backkkkkkkk!

   Wow its been a long time. But Im back with so many goodies. I've been doing a lot of remolding around the house and just haven't had any time. Along the way I've been gathering up all the new stuff I have gotten lately. From NYX Cosmetics, Sigma Brushes, Ipsy Subscription, and BH Cosmections. Im literately driving my husband crazy. On the other hand I have my kids especially my daughter playing with all my stuff. Im thinking of doing a makeup tour soon but once I organize everything. Its a mess. :)

Let's get started... Oh before I forget I want to mention one of my favorite online shopping website you will get amazing deals if you dont know by now is if you leave your email below I'll be more than gladly send you an invite :) and reason why I mention this is because they have sales for high end clothes, shoes, and makeup.


I got so many good stuff especially now for the summer that I haven't been applying so much makeup. Kinda doing the bronze glowing look. 

Confession of a Tanaholic 

When I first open the Bronzer I was a little sad because its not very dark and shimmery, which I hate shimmery Bronzer's but if you use this for some color all over your face it looks amazing it gives you such a nice glow and natural looking finish I then fell in love with it. Kinda like a J-Lo GLow lol It works great even if you apply it to your cheek bones for some highlight. 

Now I'm a Nyx blush lover they are such great quality their pigment is amazing. The one to your left is actually a creme blush that puppy will last all day especially now for the summer for the the pool or beach. Honestly it really will last. 

I'v never owned any NYX lipsticks so I can't wait to try these. From left to to right 
Lala, Summer Love, Echo, Iced Honey 

They seem to be very sheer but you can work with them and built up the color. 

Natural, Tokyo, Ice Princess

I've heard great stuff about their creme lip glosses so cant wait to try it. 

Liquid Illuminator in Gleam 

I was extremely excited when I received this. I have been wanting to try this for the longest I heard awesome reviews on Youtube. The color is amazing to highlight your cheek bones totally gives you a glow for sure! 

It has some gold to it! Gorgeous 

I couldn't  get more excited than the Ultra Pearl Mania Omg this pigment is beyond beautiful can't wait to try it. Now im not sure if the Taupe was a blush but please no one ever put that as a blush.Its called Taupe and its gorgeous! 

That's all for now on my NYX Haul. Glad to be blogging again...Talk to you all very soon. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

*** Haul Time***


Hiiiii Guys don't think I forgot about you all. I never did an April Favorites because I had made some purchases and been loving some products on this Haul so its a Haul/ Favorites. I told myself  I'd be in a NO BUY! zone this month especially anything to do with makeup. But I freaking just can't. I'll try though, and let you guys know how its goes. ;)

Here's what I got in some recent purchases @Target and and

So recently I've been on YouTube a lot (No surprise there). No I haven't made a video of my own I guess I will one day. I just feel like my voice sounds crazy on camera. Anyways everyone has their own opinions on Dry Shampoo and I've never been the one to be all into it. But recently I had been washing my hair almost everyday after my workouts and its been feeling so dry. And I know its not good to be washing your hair everyday. Soooooo I finally got sucked in. First I had received one sample in my April's Glossy Box if you don't know what Glossy Box is I have a blog post about it you can check out! So I tried that one and fell in love with it. But its from Sexy Hair and they aren't that cheap. I came across tones of Beauty Gurus on YouTube talking about the Dove Dry Shampoo and they were raving about it so I ended up picking one up. Haven't tried it yet but I did spray it at the store because everyone kept saying how great it smelled, and yessss  they are totally right it smells amazing! 
Target $4.89 But Walmart has it for $3.94

My next item has a funny story behind it. One of my Best Friends and I one day saw this amazing deal on the Internet that we thought was high end makeup well we placed our order and when we found out it was a drugstore product and not even a well known makeup line we called immediately and cancelled our order. We just  thought it wasn't worth it. We laughed about it after like crazy till this day we still laugh about it. Well come to find out years later this makeup line is not bad at all. They have amazing stuff and for the price you just can't beat it. Yes it's Elf Makeup. This is actually my first purchase but I will try more of their products, if any of you like anything or its one of your favorites leave a comment below telling me anything I should try. They have really changed things up. 
 @Target $3.00  (awesome price)
I actually tried the eye brow Kit this morning and I love it. It comes with a brush and two shadows. It has a gel base shadow which is the darker color and then a light colored powder base . To fill in your eyebrows its great! 

So my next item was really just something I crabbed as I walked by. I had heard so many good things about these so as I walking down the isle at Target and I just had to have this color. 

@Target $4.99
Its called Satin Sheets and kinda looks like an eggnog color. A pale yellow. Haven't tried it so I dont know how the color will look but when I do I'll definitely post a pic on my Instagram @sasa_0920
Here's the whole collection they have such great colors for Spring and Summer 

When I saw these I was like no way Katy Perry has eyelashes! I had seen them in my local Walgreen's but never picked them up until now. 

Target $6.99
The ones I got are called Oh, Honey! she has some great ones by the way. I just can't wait to try these. Ive seen them on other girls and they look natural but its gives you that full affect. Not too dramatic. 

Last week I had placed an order from Ulta. I think I had a coupon so I decided to get some stuff I had on my wish list for a while. First I finally purchased Real Techniques Brushes if you don't know about them you can always head on over to YouTube and check out Pixiewoo's channel  these brushes were created by two sister's. I had heard so many great reviews on these. But again I have so much makeup brushes and  I was so hesitant in getting more, but I think you can never have to many brushes they are always needed for something. ;)

So to your left the pink one I got separately and its the Stippling Brush for $9.99 if you go on now all Real Techniques brushes are buy 1 get the other for 50% off.  This brush is amazing. I have already used it. I use mines for Creme blushes and it just works so good. Its a Dual Fiber brush and blends awesome! The Purple ones come in a kit. Its called the starter kit. The reason I got these are because I feel like they are small brushes to give you a persist look. It has a very tiny one that works great for your inner tear duck. The more round one called Base Shadow Brush I used to blend in my concealer under my eyes and wow I just love it. And the plus of this kit is you can actually stand them up with the case it comes with which is great for traveling. 
@Ulta $ 17.99 (can't beat those prices)

I'v been such a sucker for Blushes lately and NYX is so great! Everything about them I love. Their eye-shadows,  blushes, they have these new lip glosses that are awesome as well. So I purchased more Blushes, I've never tried their stick creme base blushes and a dark coral one. Im really into the creme base I just feel they last better through out the whole day. 

From left Stick Blush great for Traveling $5.99 in Magnolia, Creme Blush in Rouge $5.99 powder Blush in Cinnamon $4.99 

Cinnamon, Rouge, Magnolia

My last purchase was some Sigma Brushes, I mean I really can't tell you how great these are. I'm a MAC lover and I love Mac brushes but Sigma gave me a whole new meaning. They are amazing and great prices too. Prices have gone up but your still paying less than Mac and amazing quality. 
The Large Powder Brush is the the F20 $25.00 its Huge! and my ALL TIME FAVORITE is the F80 Flat Kabuki $18.00 when you apply your foundation with this brush trust me you will never use anything else. Honestly is gives you such an air brush look. Blends everything so great. Love Love Love. I had been missing something in my collection and this was definitely it. 

P.S And can't forget about my cotton pads great stuff can't live with out them! 

Hope you enjoyed this little Haul as well as some Favorites! Oh one more thing I did purchase lol some new Lip Butter's from Revlon I'll swatch those in my next blog. Till Next Time! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Waitttttttttttttttt...... Its April

Where have I been? So yeah yeah you're probably wondering why I haven't blogged in a while. But yes I have 2 kids that take up a lot of my time. Yeah yeah its no excuse but really its my excuse. But hey here I am didn't go nowhere. And what better way to share with you my March Favorites you know I can't forget those... Better late than never Right!?!

Btw before I start with all my favorites.... April is one of my favorite months. Its actually the month I got married in. <3 Ok Im stopping with all the mushy crap. Let's get started. 

Retails on some Drugstore $9.99 Powder $9.99 

So lately I havent been wearing anything full coverage on my face its either a medium coverage foundation or just a BB cream and thats it with of course some powder to set it. My favorite this month has actually been the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and the setting Powder as well. I can't rage enough about these two products combined together. They are amazing. I can actually compare my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish powder to the Revlon one. Its so light and doesn't leave your face looking Cakey. You know thats a NO NO! My color for the foundation is Nude 150 and the Powder is Fair. Both of them are great together! The best thing about the Foundation its light weight and its also SPF 20. 

Retails $19.99

So some of you have probably never seen this and some of you might be like wait this is not how the Beauty Blender looks like. Well your right the original beauty blender is shaped as an egg but as I was shopping around in Sephora I asked where the Beauty Blender's were at and they pointed to this one. They actually have new shapes. Now if you dont know what's the purpose of a beauty blender. Your task is to go buy one and apply your Foundation or concealer and see the finish this puppy gives you. Its better than a brush. Dont get me wrong I still apply my foundation with my Sigma brush but lately Im just loving the finish product the beauty blender gives me. The cute thing about this one is that it came with that little stand. Dont forget that if you do purchase one remember you always have to wet it before and you will see it will get bigger in size squeeze it with a napkin or a towel to rinse out the excess water. Trust me Its AMAZING! 

Full size Retails $39.00 <--- Pricey

So since we are on the topic of Foundations and how to apply them. I was checking out at Sephora when the lady at the counter asked me if I had tried the Smashbox BB cream and I honestly have been dying to try it. Gurus on Youtube rage about it. But one thing is that its freaking expensive and I know I just know there's something as good as this but a cheaper version. SO if you know of one let me know. SO I decide to try it out and purchase the sample size. I have to tell you I'm in love with this product. I mean if your in a hurry and want some coverage because I have to say for being a BB cream this puppy has coverage also SPF 35. Its great! This will play in as your moisturizer. I'll use this applying it with my fingers and set it with my Revlon Nearly Naked Powder. Out the Door! Will I purchase it again? I'm trying to find one as good as this formula if I cant I think I definitely will. 

Retails I think around  $29

I recently purchased this palette from I own some stuff from The Balm and I had seen this palette before and the reason why I love it so much its because they are all matte base eyeshadows and neutrals two things I love. I have literally been using this Palette everyday. All over my lid I use the color Matt Malloy. Above the crease Matt Singh. Crease I darken it with Matt Wood. I blend again with Matt Singh its just a great blending color. 

Milani Baked Blush $8.29

My next product was a new discovery. Just walking down the isle in Walgreens. LOL favorite drugstore btw. I mean I had heard about Milani beauty products but didn't own anything. When I came across it. I immediately checked out their baked blushes. The one I chose was Luminoso. Its a peachy tone with some  shimmer. I"ve been wearing it everyday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Im definitely going back and picking some other colors. 

Covergirl LipPerfection $8.99 sale $6.99 Maybelline $6.49 

You know sometimes you just get a kick and buy either way too much lipsticks or way too much lipgloss. Well I've been doing both. I had picked up some new colors from MAC but all neutrals. I need some color for spring. I picked up Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Haute Pink Twist 220 the lip perfection is a sheer color. If gives you a soft shine to your lips. I top it off with my new Favorite Lip gloss from Maybelline  Punch of Pink 230 such a great combo! Perfect for Spring! Not sticky at all. Bot of the formulas are great. 

Hope you enjoyed my March Favorites. Now lets focus on April. ;)

Ahhh couldn't leave you without a little something. Enjoy! April 21,2007

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Collective OOTD!!! Plus SPRING Must Haves!!!

I have to say living in Fl the weather is just crazy. Mornings you wake up with a 50 degree weather and by mid-afternoon its in the 80's. Like they say once its below 65 in Miami us Floridians take out our Jackets and Boots. :) Hey its the only time we can wear our Fall outfits. 

Collective Outfits I've been wearing. :) Enjoy!!!

So I've been wearing my Jean Jacket like crazy I just love that its not so thick and it goes with everything! I paired it with a White Tank and a very Light scarf, and of course Skinnies. Jacket is from the Gap. 

Here I just paired it with a White Blouse. Long Heart Necklace from 
Boots are from Shoedazzle. 

Can't get enough of my Black Rider Boots (Yes again from Shoedazzle). I paired them with my Black Blazer from Forever 21 with just a Simple White Tee. Super casual but I loved this look. 

I just love my Tory Burch Flats. Yes they are comfy a lot of people say they are not. But I love them. Paired them with Black Skinnies,(Express) Black Tee and my statement piece which is my all time favorite Leopard scarf from Target. I did add a very skinny gold and black belt. 

Winter didn't last much this time around. Looking forward to all the new fashion trends for Spring. Here's some items I must have for Spring in my wardrobe.

You definitely need a statement Necklace. 

product image
Retails $11.50

Colored Jeans are again a must have. Colors I've seen a lot are a light Coral, and Definitely Mint Green. I say these are a must have for sure! 

 Just Love how Lauren looks in  this Floral Blazer. I'm truly not a fan of Floral but I can tell you I've seen from shoes, to jeans! Floral is everywhere. You can actually find this one at under her Collection and its actually on sale Now from $70.00 to $21.00 can't beat that. 

Tell Me you guys haven't seen all the Lace shorts! I love them. This is just so cute to pair it with a cute cut off Blouse. Super Trendy now. Definitely a big thing now for Spring. 

Let me know what is a must have in your Closet! 

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites!!!

I'm Backkkkk! February has definitely been a crazy month. I can't believe its the last day of the month. Can't wait to see what March has in store for me.

       I know it was a short month but wow did I get a lot of beauty products this month. New eye Palette's, some Palette's I got on sale and just new products in general. March will be very busy month showing you guys everything. I have clothing hauls too that Im working on as well. But for some reason I didn't have a lot of  makeup favorites this month I've been using pretty much the same. I did come across new stuff and just oldies I can't live without... So let's get started.

M.A.C Complete Comfort Creme retails $32.00

So my first favorite is from M.A.C I was shopping around with one of my close friend when I came across the M.A.C counter (and you know that's Danger!) and the girl helping me had flawless skin. I asked her what she used and she told me 1.That She takes good care of her skin and 2. That she also has problems with redness like me and she loves using the Complete Comfort Cream. Of course at first I'm like Duh she'll tell me that because she does work for M.A.C but I said what the hell I'm gonna give it a try as well. She must be doing something right for her face to be looking so flawless. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now. I can't rage how highly I love this product. I replaced it as my night moisturizer and in the morning WOW can I tell a difference. I simply love it. My skin the next day feels so soft. At night when applying it, it absorbs to your face so nice, not sticky at all. LOVE IT!

Josie Maran Argan Oil 15ml Retails at $14

This product actually came from my Ipsy Glam bag its a monthly beauty subscription. This product was in my January bag. This is the Josie Maran Argan Oil. When I fist saw this I was so happy. These products are awesome. I had never tried anything from the Josie Maran line. This stuff is pretty much good for anything. 

Description:  This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Plus it is 100% organic!

The best part of this product is that yes its Organic! I use this as my morning moisturizer , on my hair after I shower, and I even use it has like a body lotion.(As you see I'm almost out and a little goes a long way) The good thing is that's it doesn't stay super oily. You can apply this and in seconds its absorbed into your body. Its amazing. If you haven't tried it you better :) head on over to

eos lip balm retails at about $2.99 Target

Ohhhh yessss! Its in my Favorites again. I can't help it. Im so addicted to eos. This one is new to my collection its the mint green one and its super minty and I just love it. Plus I use this morning and night to moisturize my lips. So with that said they are never dry. ;) And I just heard new ones came out for Spring so yes I'll be on the hunt for them.   

Retails at $20.00 Cheaper in some places.

So this Product is from the Balm if you've never heard of them they have great stuff. I actually didn't own anything from them. Till had a sale of some of their products and when I saw this bronzer I had to have it. If you watch beauty Gurus like I do on Youtube everyone seems to have this bronzer they rage so much about the color and how they love to Contour with it. And they are right. Its the perfect shade fro a bronzer. Its a pretty deep color. Again a little goes a long way. I  apply this with my M.A.C 116 brush for contouring. 

Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover 

My next product will just never leave my favorites. I love this stuff. Its my makeup remover wipes. No questions about it. I have used thousands of different products and nothing compares to these. The Teal bag now are the hydrating ones which I love even more than the original ones. I remove all my makeup including my eye too. Leaving it feeling amazing. I wash my face with my cleanser in the shower and then I remove the rest with these. They are just perfect. I do like getting them at Walmart they are way cheaper there. Walgreen's retails them at almost $8 compare to Walmart for like $5.

Last on my favorites are Lipsticks. I got these recently one is from Revlon and the other is from Maybelline. Both coral colors but totally different. I wanted these colors for Spring so I picked them up. Since Coral will be another stand out color for Spring again. The color pay off on these are amazing. I can't wait to show you guys what they look on. The Revlon color is called Siren and Maybelline is Shocking Coral love this one. 

Well Hope you all loved my Favorites this month as much as I did. I promise more stuff to come in March. Spring is in the air! Till next time. 

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