Friday, April 5, 2013

Waitttttttttttttttt...... Its April

Where have I been? So yeah yeah you're probably wondering why I haven't blogged in a while. But yes I have 2 kids that take up a lot of my time. Yeah yeah its no excuse but really its my excuse. But hey here I am didn't go nowhere. And what better way to share with you my March Favorites you know I can't forget those... Better late than never Right!?!

Btw before I start with all my favorites.... April is one of my favorite months. Its actually the month I got married in. <3 Ok Im stopping with all the mushy crap. Let's get started. 

Retails on some Drugstore $9.99 Powder $9.99 

So lately I havent been wearing anything full coverage on my face its either a medium coverage foundation or just a BB cream and thats it with of course some powder to set it. My favorite this month has actually been the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and the setting Powder as well. I can't rage enough about these two products combined together. They are amazing. I can actually compare my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish powder to the Revlon one. Its so light and doesn't leave your face looking Cakey. You know thats a NO NO! My color for the foundation is Nude 150 and the Powder is Fair. Both of them are great together! The best thing about the Foundation its light weight and its also SPF 20. 

Retails $19.99

So some of you have probably never seen this and some of you might be like wait this is not how the Beauty Blender looks like. Well your right the original beauty blender is shaped as an egg but as I was shopping around in Sephora I asked where the Beauty Blender's were at and they pointed to this one. They actually have new shapes. Now if you dont know what's the purpose of a beauty blender. Your task is to go buy one and apply your Foundation or concealer and see the finish this puppy gives you. Its better than a brush. Dont get me wrong I still apply my foundation with my Sigma brush but lately Im just loving the finish product the beauty blender gives me. The cute thing about this one is that it came with that little stand. Dont forget that if you do purchase one remember you always have to wet it before and you will see it will get bigger in size squeeze it with a napkin or a towel to rinse out the excess water. Trust me Its AMAZING! 

Full size Retails $39.00 <--- Pricey

So since we are on the topic of Foundations and how to apply them. I was checking out at Sephora when the lady at the counter asked me if I had tried the Smashbox BB cream and I honestly have been dying to try it. Gurus on Youtube rage about it. But one thing is that its freaking expensive and I know I just know there's something as good as this but a cheaper version. SO if you know of one let me know. SO I decide to try it out and purchase the sample size. I have to tell you I'm in love with this product. I mean if your in a hurry and want some coverage because I have to say for being a BB cream this puppy has coverage also SPF 35. Its great! This will play in as your moisturizer. I'll use this applying it with my fingers and set it with my Revlon Nearly Naked Powder. Out the Door! Will I purchase it again? I'm trying to find one as good as this formula if I cant I think I definitely will. 

Retails I think around  $29

I recently purchased this palette from I own some stuff from The Balm and I had seen this palette before and the reason why I love it so much its because they are all matte base eyeshadows and neutrals two things I love. I have literally been using this Palette everyday. All over my lid I use the color Matt Malloy. Above the crease Matt Singh. Crease I darken it with Matt Wood. I blend again with Matt Singh its just a great blending color. 

Milani Baked Blush $8.29

My next product was a new discovery. Just walking down the isle in Walgreens. LOL favorite drugstore btw. I mean I had heard about Milani beauty products but didn't own anything. When I came across it. I immediately checked out their baked blushes. The one I chose was Luminoso. Its a peachy tone with some  shimmer. I"ve been wearing it everyday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Im definitely going back and picking some other colors. 

Covergirl LipPerfection $8.99 sale $6.99 Maybelline $6.49 

You know sometimes you just get a kick and buy either way too much lipsticks or way too much lipgloss. Well I've been doing both. I had picked up some new colors from MAC but all neutrals. I need some color for spring. I picked up Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Haute Pink Twist 220 the lip perfection is a sheer color. If gives you a soft shine to your lips. I top it off with my new Favorite Lip gloss from Maybelline  Punch of Pink 230 such a great combo! Perfect for Spring! Not sticky at all. Bot of the formulas are great. 

Hope you enjoyed my March Favorites. Now lets focus on April. ;)

Ahhh couldn't leave you without a little something. Enjoy! April 21,2007

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  1. I loved reading and seeing your favorites, Aly! I especially took an interest to the Milani luminoso baked blush. I have about three of these, which doesn't include this color, but I'm definitely going to be purchasing it now that I've seen it on your skin, perfect for the summer!



  2. Great post Aly!!

    I too love the Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder! I haven't tried the foundation yet but it seems to get great reviews!

    I am on the fence whether or not the Smashbox BB cream is worth it.


  3. Thanks Kendra! Im loving your blog as well. I honestly think that the Smashbox BB cream is totally worth it. Ive been giving it a try for about a week and I'm totally in love with it. The reason it just gives so much coverage. Btw I saw you got the Revlon Color Stay foundation. Its amazing as well. I love it too.

    Xo Aly.

  4. New follower! Make up lover here as well!! Youre beautiful and i LOVE your hair and style. Keep rockin!