Monday, March 11, 2013

Collective OOTD!!! Plus SPRING Must Haves!!!

I have to say living in Fl the weather is just crazy. Mornings you wake up with a 50 degree weather and by mid-afternoon its in the 80's. Like they say once its below 65 in Miami us Floridians take out our Jackets and Boots. :) Hey its the only time we can wear our Fall outfits. 

Collective Outfits I've been wearing. :) Enjoy!!!

So I've been wearing my Jean Jacket like crazy I just love that its not so thick and it goes with everything! I paired it with a White Tank and a very Light scarf, and of course Skinnies. Jacket is from the Gap. 

Here I just paired it with a White Blouse. Long Heart Necklace from 
Boots are from Shoedazzle. 

Can't get enough of my Black Rider Boots (Yes again from Shoedazzle). I paired them with my Black Blazer from Forever 21 with just a Simple White Tee. Super casual but I loved this look. 

I just love my Tory Burch Flats. Yes they are comfy a lot of people say they are not. But I love them. Paired them with Black Skinnies,(Express) Black Tee and my statement piece which is my all time favorite Leopard scarf from Target. I did add a very skinny gold and black belt. 

Winter didn't last much this time around. Looking forward to all the new fashion trends for Spring. Here's some items I must have for Spring in my wardrobe.

You definitely need a statement Necklace. 

product image
Retails $11.50

Colored Jeans are again a must have. Colors I've seen a lot are a light Coral, and Definitely Mint Green. I say these are a must have for sure! 

 Just Love how Lauren looks in  this Floral Blazer. I'm truly not a fan of Floral but I can tell you I've seen from shoes, to jeans! Floral is everywhere. You can actually find this one at under her Collection and its actually on sale Now from $70.00 to $21.00 can't beat that. 

Tell Me you guys haven't seen all the Lace shorts! I love them. This is just so cute to pair it with a cute cut off Blouse. Super Trendy now. Definitely a big thing now for Spring. 

Let me know what is a must have in your Closet! 

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  1. Loved the haul! I have friends from Florida and I laugh when they tell me it's "freezing" at 65, lol! Anyway, I too have heard ppl say that the Tory Burch flats are uncomfortable, I own a pair and I think they're extremely comfy, as well! I absolutely love the Lauren Conrad blazer and the floral trend that's going on, too!



  2. I know what you mean,the weather here in Belgium changes all the time,and I never know what to wear :\ ahah nice post :))