Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites!!!

I'm Backkkkk! February has definitely been a crazy month. I can't believe its the last day of the month. Can't wait to see what March has in store for me.

       I know it was a short month but wow did I get a lot of beauty products this month. New eye Palette's, some Palette's I got on sale and just new products in general. March will be very busy month showing you guys everything. I have clothing hauls too that Im working on as well. But for some reason I didn't have a lot of  makeup favorites this month I've been using pretty much the same. I did come across new stuff and just oldies I can't live without... So let's get started.

M.A.C Complete Comfort Creme retails $32.00

So my first favorite is from M.A.C I was shopping around with one of my close friend when I came across the M.A.C counter (and you know that's Danger!) and the girl helping me had flawless skin. I asked her what she used and she told me 1.That She takes good care of her skin and 2. That she also has problems with redness like me and she loves using the Complete Comfort Cream. Of course at first I'm like Duh she'll tell me that because she does work for M.A.C but I said what the hell I'm gonna give it a try as well. She must be doing something right for her face to be looking so flawless. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now. I can't rage how highly I love this product. I replaced it as my night moisturizer and in the morning WOW can I tell a difference. I simply love it. My skin the next day feels so soft. At night when applying it, it absorbs to your face so nice, not sticky at all. LOVE IT!

Josie Maran Argan Oil 15ml Retails at $14

This product actually came from my Ipsy Glam bag its a monthly beauty subscription. This product was in my January bag. This is the Josie Maran Argan Oil. When I fist saw this I was so happy. These products are awesome. I had never tried anything from the Josie Maran line. This stuff is pretty much good for anything. 

Description:  This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Plus it is 100% organic!

The best part of this product is that yes its Organic! I use this as my morning moisturizer , on my hair after I shower, and I even use it has like a body lotion.(As you see I'm almost out and a little goes a long way) The good thing is that's it doesn't stay super oily. You can apply this and in seconds its absorbed into your body. Its amazing. If you haven't tried it you better :) head on over to

eos lip balm retails at about $2.99 Target

Ohhhh yessss! Its in my Favorites again. I can't help it. Im so addicted to eos. This one is new to my collection its the mint green one and its super minty and I just love it. Plus I use this morning and night to moisturize my lips. So with that said they are never dry. ;) And I just heard new ones came out for Spring so yes I'll be on the hunt for them.   

Retails at $20.00 Cheaper in some places.

So this Product is from the Balm if you've never heard of them they have great stuff. I actually didn't own anything from them. Till had a sale of some of their products and when I saw this bronzer I had to have it. If you watch beauty Gurus like I do on Youtube everyone seems to have this bronzer they rage so much about the color and how they love to Contour with it. And they are right. Its the perfect shade fro a bronzer. Its a pretty deep color. Again a little goes a long way. I  apply this with my M.A.C 116 brush for contouring. 

Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover 

My next product will just never leave my favorites. I love this stuff. Its my makeup remover wipes. No questions about it. I have used thousands of different products and nothing compares to these. The Teal bag now are the hydrating ones which I love even more than the original ones. I remove all my makeup including my eye too. Leaving it feeling amazing. I wash my face with my cleanser in the shower and then I remove the rest with these. They are just perfect. I do like getting them at Walmart they are way cheaper there. Walgreen's retails them at almost $8 compare to Walmart for like $5.

Last on my favorites are Lipsticks. I got these recently one is from Revlon and the other is from Maybelline. Both coral colors but totally different. I wanted these colors for Spring so I picked them up. Since Coral will be another stand out color for Spring again. The color pay off on these are amazing. I can't wait to show you guys what they look on. The Revlon color is called Siren and Maybelline is Shocking Coral love this one. 

Well Hope you all loved my Favorites this month as much as I did. I promise more stuff to come in March. Spring is in the air! Till next time. 

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  1. Love the post, Aly! I have been on the hunt for those eos lip moisturizers for the longest...SOLD OUT!!! But, I refuse to give up, lol! I'm also going to look for those two lipsticks you featured because I love coral toned colors for the Spring & Summer!



  2. Thanks Jalisa. OMg I know im dying to get the new eos and nothing. Im on the hunt too. lol Glad you liked it. XO

  3. Great post! I think Shocking Coral will be my next Vivids purchase! What a gorgeous color!

    My February favorites are up! Stop by and check 'em out sometime!!

    Kendra :)

  4. Kendra its an amazing color! :) Thanks for stopping by. Checking yours out as well :)