Thursday, February 7, 2013

Liebster Award!!!

What's the Liebster Award...

The Liebster Award is an interactive community in the blog world which helps to connect bloggers to other bloggers.

Thank You +Crystal A ( for the nomination. I think this is a great way to get to know new and up coming bloggers that share the same passion. 


1.The nominee must link the blogger whom they were nominated by?           
2.The nominee must state 11 facts about themselves, and then answer the 11 questions provided for you.
3.The nominee must post 11 new questions for nominees
4.The nominee must then nominate bloggers who they think deserve the recognition.
5.The nominee must tell the bloggers who they have nominated for the Liebster  Award.

Fact's About Aly

1.I speak Spanish. 
2.I'm addicted to Vampire Diaries a series on the CW. 
3.I love watching Romantic movies the cheesier the better. 
4.Favorite all time Movie is Dirty Dancing.
5.I hate dirty sneakers its like a pet peeve. 
6.I collect all Cinderella stuff. 
7.I got married in Disney and yes arrived in a Cinderella Carriage.
8.I hate when people place their bare feet on the dash of the car. HATE IT! 
9.I'm on gchat(Gmail) everyday from 9-2 chatting with friends. 
10.My kids are 18 months apart and I Planned it. 
11.Favorite time of year is Christmas. 

Questions I was asked by +Crystal A 

1.What is one of your New Years resolutions?
  One of my New Years resolution was buy less Makeup! Of course that didn't happen :) and I promised that I would eat a little Healthier which I have been doing. 

2.Whats your favorite makeup brand and product?
  I'm a MAC girl I've loved MAC for several years now and its a product that I always go back too. 

3.What was the last book you read?
  50 Shades of Grey! ;)

4.If you can travel anywhere around the world, where would it be?
  I've been very fortunate to have traveled to a lot of places thus far, I have a couple of places though still that I would love to go to, Greece, Australia and Fiji.

5.At what age did you start wearing makeup?
  My mom didn't let me wear any until I was 15 

6.Besides what you blog about, what other passions do you have?
  My Passion besides Makeup and Fashion have to be my Kids they come first in everything I do. Its my goal to make them happy each and every day. 

7.If you can go without one beauty product what would it be?
  Easy Foundation, I can leave the house with Powder, Lip gloss and mascara. 

8.Where are you from?
  My Parents are from Cuba but I was born in Miami, FL 

9.Whats one item that never gets taken out of your bag?
  My MAC Mineralize skin finish powder.

10. What is your favorite lip color? 
    Right now Im loving Reds favorite is Red Velvet Lip Butter from Revlon.

11.Drugstore or Ulta/Sephora?
   Yikes this is a hard one... I would say all 3 but right now Im just loving a lot of drugstore products. 

My 11 questions to my nominees...

1. What made you start Blogging?
2. Favorite beauty product?
3. Do you have a Youtube Channel? Link so that we can Subscribe!
4. Do you have any long term goals? or short?
5. Would you ever like to live anywhere else?
6. What's one thing every girl should own?
7. Favorite food?
8. Any up coming events that you are excited about?
9. Any Pet Peeves?
10.Beauty product you can't live without?
11.Favorite mascara?

And.... MY Nominees are  

This was so much fun and cant wait to see what you girls have to say. Again if you are not interested you don't have to do it.

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  1. Love it!! i enjoyed reading your facts and answers to my questions.. I like getting to know all you bloggers and hope to become friends with you