Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter ADDICTED!!!! :)

Hey Everyone.... As you can tell by my title Im addicted to the Revlon Lip Butters. They are just Gorgeous!!! For being Lip Butter's I have to say the payoff is just great. I actually stop by the drug store today and picked up four more. Super moisturizing and they last pretty long. They were actually by one get one 50% off I think its only if you have your the Walgreens reward card. Normally I think they are about $7.99

Some colors might be a little intimidating just by looking at them at the store I was a little hesitant on buying some. One that you will find totally not the color you see in person in Jig Jam it looks like a dark brown. Here are some swatches

(Left to right)
Pink Truffle,Creme Brulee (My Favorite),Fig Jam,Raspberry Pie, Red Velvet

More Swatches to the more lighter colors

Sugar Frosting, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie

If I didnt mention your favorite let me know which one is yours!!!! 

Till next time (Oh and nothing negative to say about them) :)

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  1. aah yes, the revlon lip butters...I WANT SOME! they look really moisturising!! xx

  2. Yes they are!!! And the Payoff color is amazing :) Thanks for reading