Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years #OOTN! Happy 2013

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! 2013 

I havent been on for a while between the kids not having school for the holidays and getting things done for my son's 1st Birthday its been a bit crazy around this house. But so many new stuff coming up on Beauty Boxx for 2013.

This year for New Years Eve the hubby and I decided just to stay home since with do have two small kids. Some family came order and my close friend. But of course that didnt stop me from getting glammed up! Even if you are staying home it really doesn't matter I say bring on the Glitter and ROCK IT! 

Here was my Outfit of the Night! 
Tank top and Sequenced skirt from EXPRESS, Tights from Forever 21, Shoes from Steve Madden and Jewelry from 

My awesome sister did my Fish Tail!!! I definitely need to learn how to do it myself!

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  1. I really like your necklace and there are a few other things I like on the site, does it ship to the UK?

  2. Hello Helen thanks again for checking out my blog! is a website with different sellers that sell amazing things. I do believe they ship to the UK depending from which seller you buy from. I'm an affiliate to the website and its great!

  3. Love the skirt. You look beautiful, as always :) Happy New Year...LOTS of success to you this year!!!!



  4. Jalisa always so sweet! Thanks again. Happy New Year as well Xo Aly