Sunday, December 16, 2012

Urban Decay Basics Palette Review

Hey Everyone... As you all probably already know Urban Decay just came out with its new Palette. Its all over YouTube, blogs and pretty much everywhere. It just came out in Sephora! Here's my thoughts on this tiny Palette, which by the way its called BASICS why because they are just basic colors that can be used everyday and even night. I actually got mines the day it came out yes at 12pm I placed my order. Its amazing I've been using it ever since I got it as my everyday look. All the colors like they said are Matte. Their is one that does have a little shimmer to it. Its the very first color on the Palette called Venus. But its beautiful you can use it as a highlighter color, inner tear duct or eve all over your lids. Its Gorgeous! 

Here are some swatches on my skin some are very light but great colors to use for blending!

Venus,Foxy,W.O.S(Walk of Shame)Naked 2,Faint,Crave

One thing about this Basics Palette that I love is that its great for traveling. You have all the colors you need for a natural look and for an evening look, you can definitely mix in that Crave color which is gorgeous. This Palette is extremely small, you can even put it in your back pocket (really you could) 

Its everything I expected it to be. Its Awesome! 

Now now you didn't think I was gonna end this blog with out saying anything negative. Well I do have one thing yes just one. Every time I want to open this Palette I have such a hard time opening it. I don't know if its me or what but I get super frustrated lol I just cant it to open right away. 

Hope you Enjoyed! Until my next blog. 

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